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    Voila on est lundi.
    Le lundi du gite.
    Je peux pas trop rester sur inter alors je vais faire vite, puis la moussaka m'attend en bas.
    Dire que je devrais etre en Corse... ça ma fait du bien qu'elle m'appelle hier, ça faisait longtemps que j'avais pas ressenti ça.
    Je voulais dire a Mr de ne pas s'inquiéter, que je l'aimais. Merci encore pour samedi.
    Resouhaiter un anniversaire a Marine, d'ailleurs je passerai chez toi jeudi si t'es la.
    Dire aux gens que je pense a eux, Martin, Marine, Miam, Dom ( et oui.. ^_^), Aymeric... Puis tous les autres.
    BOnnes vacances a vous tous.

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    Dimanche 30 Octobre 2005 à 16:18
    a toi de choisir pr pacques ma kro...
    Vendredi 4 Novembre 2005 à 23:29
    for my sweety
    Sometime you just think that you should go away because everything is getting shattered or so it looks like. Then you keep trying putting pieces together but it\\\'s still not working so you get mad and make things worse. And you know that you got to put things together otherwise it\\\'s gonna blow something away, and deep inside you think that love is in peril... but it ain\\\'t ! All I mean is that a crack in the nutshell is not that bad. You can make it up till it doesn\\\'t reach the center... I don\\\'t really know why I reacted like that and I can\\\'t figure that out... But I\\\'m very sorry. That kind of little things pull us over and let time pass by. That\\\'s all I don\\\'t want because everything is going on way too fast and I feel like I need more time with you. All I know is that if I can be jealous or grumpy, mean or mad, sweet or bitter it\\\'s just because I love you. My voice can\\\'t shout it out loud but my heart can. Right here, where it\\\'s gonna stay longer, I want to tell you : NO MATTER WHAT LIFE IS MADE OF, I LOVE YOU !
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